Lots of sexier toys for adults past couple years

I have a ton of new sexier toys for adults come out the past couple of years. The toys themselves are sleek and contoured in ways that would have you guessing just what they were, or what they were for. Once you realize they are sex toys, and put together the sleek shape and how it may be better contoured for sexual pleasures, you can see that this new generation of sexier toys for men and women are really quite remarkable.


The main designs I am thinking about today are the vibrators and massages that are made by lelo and fun factory. They have really created some very sleek and sexy toys, and the packaging is nice too. It seems that the days of hardcore pornstars printing in cheap color processes to try and sell are over. Today’s packages is getting much sleeker as well.

Take a look at some of the newer sex toys designs by LELO and Fun Factory adult products – and tell me what you think in the comments – do you agree?

Sex Toys for Christmas Parties

It’s been a few years since I’ve done this, but it’s time to do it again. I’m giving sex toys for the holidays. The last time I gave away little vibrators to everyone at the club, it broke the ice of the party – made everyone loosen up and have some fun, and I know many people had more fun that night when they got home, and for many nights after that! A new vibrator is an excuse to have sex, with a partner or with your self. It’s a great way to get things started.

For some people I guess a new vibrator might seem kinky, or taboo, but I think even for them it’s an excuse to try something new, and how nice that they did not have to go shopping for it! A great excuse to have a vibrator – well I didn’t buy it, my friend Jane got it fore me as a gift – she’s so crazy!

I ran into an co worker from years past who said the last sex toy she got was the one that she got from me on during that xmas party, well she still remembered it, and from the way she was talking about it, it seems that she enjoyed it! I guess it’s also a great way to get something for someone that they would not normally spend the time and money on themselves for, and that to me is the perfect party gift!

So I will be looking to sex toys party sex toys for recommendations on the best new vibrators to pickup for my blushing friends this year!